Last of the Boers

  • The Last of the Boers is a documentary film produced by Mel Ve.

    Mel Ve is a South African born humanitarian, activist, author and independent media icon, who is descended from the Boers.  This documentary tells the story of the people Mel Ve left behind in South Africa, and who are being genocidally slaughtered. This controversial documentary film tells the story of the Boers, who they were, and why they were so important in South Africa’s history.

    We explore the events that led to the Anglo Boer wars, in which the Boers fought for their freedom from the forces of Imperialism. Mel Ve controversially explores the true facts pertaining to APARTHEID, explaining some of the fallacies and lies that the world was fed in order to brainwash them into supporting the eventual presidency of Nelson Mandela, a known communist, terrorist and murderer. With half the population living in poverty, and the highest violent crime rate in the world, many are wondering how such a beautiful country got to this state.  This documentary sheds light on the tragedy that is happening in South Africa, which is a direct result of the globalisation agenda fronted by the Elite.

    THE LAST OF THE BOERS was banned on You Tube with over 66 250 views.  Due to the constant demands to find an alternative platform to host this documentary, THE LAST OF THE BOERS has now been made available to download